View Full Version : Noise on webradio with following reboot of SB3+Boom

2011-08-16, 00:15
Since a few weeks one of my favourite radio channels occaisonally starts to sound like terrible noise in 2-3 seconds and then the Squeezebox reboots by itself. Same thing happens on both the SB3 and Boom.

This can happen after a few minutes up to one hour. Other radio stations plays fine and no problems with (FLAC/MP3) music from my server.

The radio adress is:

http://ogg2.as34763.net/vc160.ogg - Absolute Radio Classic Rock

I yesterday upgraded the server from 7.5.x to 7.6.0 but with the same result.

I don't understand what information in the readio stream that can cause the Squeezeboxes, both the Boom and SB3, to reboot. Both are connected through WLAN. Win XP server. I don't have a 100% correlation, but most of the time it happens in the end of a song, which could (?) indicate that there is a problem when the tag information is updated with a new song title.

Any ideas what can casue this or anything I can do to isolate the error?

2011-08-16, 04:37
I had something similar happen with NRK P2 (WMA) the other day, on my Boom. The bass disappeared, and the treble became very distorted and ugly. I turned the Boom off and on again, and the problem disappeared. SBS 7.6.1.

2011-10-31, 13:20
Have seen the same behaviour playing Absolute Classic Rock on SB Classic and Boom, Duet Player too. They are all IP3K based players strangely enough. I have reported this fault to Logitech support, but since all these players are EOL, they probably won't do much to fix the problem. Sad that our nice hardware has to be dumped for such small problems :-(