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2011-08-14, 09:42
If I browse to an artist page, I see the list of albums pertaining to that artist. If one or more albums has artwork associated with it, I get to see the artwork (depending on my widget setting at the bottom of the browser). Those albums without artwork get the shady, meaningless CD image.

If none of the albums have artwork, then I don't see the default CD images, just a small "All Songs" icon. It's as if it's dropped into text-only mode. No widget showing either.

Should I file a bug? This may be intentional, although it's unexpected.

Jeff Flowerday
2011-08-14, 09:58
Another quirk I found with (Not So) Sirius Internet Radio. Station images are fine everywhere but the now playing but then it shows when you mouse over.

2011-08-14, 11:04
You also get the small icon for 'All Songs' with 'Text only' display of albums.

2011-08-14, 16:08
Icons in text only displays? SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

There's a blind CS prof at work.

2011-08-14, 16:11
I have a 2-disc album called 'Live' and a single song from another artist's album that's also called 'Live'. The songs of the 2-disc album are all in one folder containing both cover.jpg and folder.jpg, while the single song has embedded artwork and resides in a completely different folder.

My setting is to show multi-disc sets as separate albums.

The problem is now that the first disc of the 2-disc set displays the cover of the completely unrelated single song.

Tags are shown in the Mp3tag screenshot (note the cd numbers):

Workaround: after removing the '1/1' from the discnumber tag of the single song and after a scan for changes the correct cover is displayed. (At least for 7.6.1 - r33068; it didn't solve the problem in 7.5.4).

Obviously, the scanner has an issue in associating artworks to albums in this special case.