View Full Version : Connecting to local server changes everything?

2011-08-13, 12:28
Hi folks,

I received my Squeezebox last Monday and until today, I have not gotten around to installing the server (linux) and setting that up on the Squeezebox Radio. I did this today and it worked nicely pretty much right away BUT, now I can no longer access the streams I had programmed in the preset buttons. I don't have access to any of the "stuff" that was available via the front panel controls except Now Playing, My Music and Settings. My Music only shows the server based library.

What did I do wrong? Do I have to reset to factory to get my stuff back?

I bet this is answered somewhere every day but I looked and I cannot find it.

Thanks for your help.

2011-08-13, 15:19
The server setting has an mysqueezebox.com tab

put in your login and password there, restart now you should have radio and apps menus on the local server too.

2011-08-13, 16:55
Yes, I saw that. My issue is that on the radio itself, the presets don't work as they did before I connected to the server and all the search features that were available on the radio itself are now gone. Frankly, if my choice is control via the radio or via my home server, I prefer the radio. I travel with the unit to work. I anticipate using it in other locations and I have a short attention spam. I need to be able to control the unit from the unit and I cannot any longer do that.

Is there a way to restore the functionality to the radio itself, without abandoning the server?


2011-08-14, 00:26
Do you have the "mysqueezebox.com Integration" enabled ?
Then the local server synchronise some settings with mysqueezebox.com .

I have not experimented with radio presets actually ?

It may very well be that .

1) You have two sets of presets one on mysqueezebox.com and one on the local server, have you tried creating presets on the local server ?

2) Something blew up when connecting to the local server for the first time, SBS have been known to be confused and erase random settings when syncing between mysb.com and local servers .

It may very well be that sbs/mysb.com in it's wisdom considered your local settings never and actually used them, but as they where spanking new there was no presets .

Again try to recreate them when on the local server there are only 6 presets.

But if don't see any radio or apps menu's when connected to the local server you have more serius issues !
Did you get any fault message when entering your mysb.com creds in SBS ?

getting any wierd DNS erros in the server.log ?

If SBS is up and running before the server has a network connection and dns SBS will never recover and consider the connection broken .

There is a way to test this, when the server is upp and running if you stop and then start the SBS server again, do you have Radio and app menus now ?