View Full Version : fraction-sized artwork

Gabriel Millerd
2004-10-01, 18:30
I am been using slimp3 for some time now on OSX. Alwasy update when
the players says there is an update.

Ever since the artwork has been available i have only ever seen
fractional sized images. meaning the artwork is only the top half or
so of the album cover.

All my music has artwork (inside the mp3 itself) and my collection is quite big.

If i browse by artwork, only the first few songs show up with any
image, then the rest dont show anything. If i click on the album image
it shows a larger version of the smaller, but its still fractional in
size. If i click the album without an image it has no image.

In itunes the artwork is there, in konfabulator the artwork is there
complete. If I access the music with samba and use Winamp i can see
the artwork as well.

Anyone have any tips?

Gabriel Millerd