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2011-08-13, 04:36
Took the plunge and upgraded to 7.60 then 7.6.1 (r33048) as advised. Finding there has been a flury of 7.6.1 releases over the last couple of days. Everything now looks good on my HP WHS (Ver 1) platform.

Definite performance increase and far smoother. - thankyou

Just one question, all the devices had their firmware upgrades after upgrading as follows:-

Duet controllers (2) 7.6.1 r9478
Duet receiver (2) 77
Boom (3) 57
Touch 7.6.1. r9478

However the radio is 7.6.1 r9468 Why?

Normal they all upgrade in step I have tried a manual upgrade and it says that 9468 is the latest.

Thanks to everyone for a great product.

2011-08-13, 04:48
Just so that it is clear; 7.6.1 is still in beta but it looks like it might be released in the near future... maybe a weeks time.
So what you have seen are the nightly builds from the beta branch; mainly SBS but also for some of the devices.

If things work for you now then you can just wait for the official 7.6.1 release and upgrade for that.

Personally I have upgraded today so now it is

SBS 7.6.1-33073
Receiver 77
Controller 9478

No radio in my setup; but someone stated that the radio is a little bit behind as it does not have and option to use a falsh card to recover from a bad firmware as the Touch have.

2011-08-13, 04:51
Radio is on 7.6.1 r9468

It is not updated that often due to more extensive testing, it's much easier to brick .

Touch and controller have SD card or USB interface, Even if you blow up the network drivers or similar on a Touch or controller you can always recover by loading an older version via SD-card .

The Radio's only consumer interface is via wifi, so they make sure they at least don't brick it before pushing an upgrade .
I think there is a serial interface trough the battery cable or some other mean where the factory load fw or something even more elaborate , using a special cable of some sort ? If they broke massive amount of Radios in the field it would not be popular

2011-08-13, 05:11
Thanks for the quick reply, I thought 7.6.1 may still be beta however my server has prompted me twice in the last week with 7.6.1 releases and this normally only happens witha release version of the software. Anyway will upgrade again once the release version surfaces.

2011-08-13, 05:33
This may be age old info for most forum members (don't read further).

The n.n.x beta as in for example 7.6.1 is usually the safe bugfix beta, or has been historically (this seems to crumble a bit lately).

The n.x.(x) beta is very experimental and may not work at all in periods (here be dragons ) as is in 7.7 at the moment .

This is how it used to work, hopefully they try to keep this distinction.

as it usually makes .1 release a better choice than the .0 release the .0 is historically the worst .

As soon as 7.6.1 is release, their will be 7.6.2 beta for further safe bugfixes and possibly 7.6.3 or more versions until a decision to release something from 7.7 comes around.

They usually want to surprise us with a new service or function with each new .0 release and they have deadlines so a bunch of very late additions goes to the .0 release with little time to test ?
So this desire for a positive new feature can backfire.

The messy part is the mysqueezebox.com interaction which i try to avoid by using my own server, they simply don't have resources to support several different version on mysb.com.

I think it would be technically possible to let mysb.com run different versions depending on player fw at least for example from 7.5.0 and forward, but it would require more people to maintain .

I have an uneasy feeling that the servers are maintained by the same 2 devs we see here on the forum ? They may rent the actual hardware and connection to the internet from data-centers ,but still the software must be maintained.
Just as they are running the build servers for the software too ?

2011-08-13, 13:51
I have just also done a very smooth upgrade from 7.5.5 to the latest 7.6.1 r33068. As an old seasoned user of SC going back a long time, I have been watching the progree of the 7.6 trunk for a very long time.
I would like to thank all those who have contributed in what ever way they have to make the 7.6.1 update worth the wait.
Just a shame some users had the issues with the initial 7.6.0 release which should had been released to the forum as a "release canditate" with all the associated health warnings that you would expect from such a version. I have learnt that lesson many times in the past now............