View Full Version : 'Problem connecting. Cannot request non-HTTP URL'

2011-08-12, 09:47
Hi all.

I'm getting the above message on several of my favourites tonight when I select the + icon for more info. Some of the streams affected:

http://4fm128.media.vistatec.ie:80/ (4FM) (Calon FM) (in2beats)

There's more but I'd be interested to know if anyone else can replicate this error. Is it a problem at my end or Logitech's (perhaps another 7.6 bug?) or the stream itself?

The streams play absolutely fine but it's a bit irritating not having the 'More Info' feature not working.


2011-10-06, 20:03
I'm getting the same message when pressing the 'more info' button while playing Pandora stations... anyone have a fix for this?

2011-10-06, 20:51
Well, it seems I managed to fix this problem somehow. I tried two things so I'm not exactly sure which one fixed the problem for me. Anyway, here's what I did:

1. I re-entered my MySqueezebox.com account password in my local Squeezebox Server settings.

2. I switched my player from my local Squeezebox Server to MySqueezebox.com and then back to my local Squeezebox Server.

After this the "+" button worked again in Pandora.