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2011-08-11, 08:12
This is a repeat of a question that was asked previously by dsdreamer back in 2009:

The thread is 65757 (sorry, first post so cannot post a link to thread) and dsdreamer asks:

Simple question: what do the two numbers on the SB3 buffer fullness diagnostic screen mean? I see a display line with something like 1.7 / 9.9 seconds.

Unfortunately, the answer provided by andyg in that thread is a link to a page that is no longer accessible. Can anyone help me understand what the numbers in the buffer fullness display mean?


2011-08-11, 08:46
I thought I wrote a wiki page on this, I can't find it though.

SB has 2 buffers: a 3MB decoder buffer that contains the raw data from the network (e.g. MP3 data), and a PCM buffer that holds 10 seconds of decoded PCM audio which is then sent to the DAC. The first number is how much data is in the decoder buffer, waiting to be decoded into PCM. The second number is how much has been decoded and is waiting to be sent out the DAC.

If you add up the 2 numbers, that's how long you could expect to hear audio if you were to lose your network connection.

2011-08-11, 08:52
Thank you very much for the speedy (and helpful) reply.