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Robert Wallace
2004-10-01, 14:55

Since Slimserver decodes FLAC to wav before sending it to the Squeezebox,
you could test your streaming capacity by just using wav files.

Still, FLAC makes an excellent CD-archiving solution. My CDs are all backed
up onto DVD as FLAC files. The physical CDs are in several boxes in the
basement. I haven't seen them in months.


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Thanks for all the replies on my 2 posts. I get the threads by digest so
apologies for not being able to post earlier.
I shall have a go at the FLAC route over the weekend and see if my system
can cope with streaming it (over wireless).
People seem to share my concerns over the memory of the Lacie NAS, I do not
know whether it is upgradable - this would make a nice alternative to yet
another computer (even if "stripped" down) as it was a 1U high virtually
noiseless standalone system. That was what attracted me (and to be honest I
am a little daunted by the thought of linux!!)

BTW what exactly is this CVS that everyone keeps mentioning??!!!



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