View Full Version : 'Turn All Players Off' function

2011-08-07, 15:29
Does anyone know if there a simple way, from player (or from the web gui) to turn all players off with one 'command'. I think it might be possible with ipeng (but I refuse to buy Apple products). 14 registered devices, it's a p.i.t.a to scroll thru them all (and with 7.6's apparent desire to randomly turn devices on, it would be useful).

2011-08-07, 16:14
I'm sure that the Server Power Control plugin could do this, you should ask in this thread http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=48521.

2011-08-08, 03:50
It can power of the players if you are powering down the server, but it doesn't seem to have the option to only power off the players. My server runs 24x7 for other stuff.

2011-08-08, 21:53
Wirrunna invited me to butt in here.

With SrvrPowerCtrl, you can string together multiple CLI commands by separating them with "&&". So, for your purposes, configure a SrvrPowerCtrl custom command with a label like "Power off all players" and a command something like:



If you want to keep your server up 24/7, then just disable SrvrPowerCtrl's system idle monitoring.

You could also use Jason Holtzapple's PowerSave plugin. It will turn off players automatically after a user settable idle time.

2011-08-09, 11:55
Are the players sync-ed? If so, I think you can set up the sync settings so that the power command on any player can turn them all off.