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2011-08-06, 18:47
Hi - I see that Fishbone is no longer in the list of available interfaces in
7.6 I found a post and have the Fishbone.zip files. I have a couple of
questions that I am hoping someone can answer before I install it:

1. Is Fishbone no longer supported at all? Is there a reason?
2. Will installing it on 7.6 cause issues with the functioning of SB
Server? I put it on a Windows box and seems OK so far.
3. For Linux Fedora, where would I put the Fishbone files? on windows, i
put it in the html folder and that was all i needed to do. I can't figure
out where I would put them on Fedora (I have a Vortexbox).

It goes without saying that it is my favorite skin and I know where to find
all my settings ....it seems it would be a real shame if it were to go

2011-08-07, 06:27
I did see that - but it does not answer #2 or #3.

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2011-08-07, 06:59
#2 No problems for the server as it is user interface, but some things might not work in Fishbone