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2011-08-05, 23:29
Not 7.6 related - When adding songs to a current playlist whilst it is playing, it seems that the playlist is re-started meaning that already played songs from perhaps 5 minutes ago may be replayed. Is there a way of adding songs whilst a playlist is playing without the playlist seemingly being re-started?

Thanks for any thoughts

2011-08-05, 23:35
Do you use the +/Add button to add them ?
The +/Add button should just add the track at the end and don't disturb what's currently playing, isn't this what's happening in your setup ?

Possibly the shuffle setting might cause a re-shuffle under some circumstances, but I'm not completely sure when this happens. Could this be what you are seeing ?

2011-08-06, 07:09
Thanks Erland - your reply explains my situation.

I guess then what is being said is that there is not a way of adding a new song to play at random within and whilst an existing playlist is running if the playlist is on shuffle - without the whole playlist re-starting itself.

2011-08-06, 07:12
That probably won't help you, but I believe if you do an insert ("play next") the playlist will not be reshuffled.