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2004-10-01, 10:34
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> Quoting Bruce Hartley <Bruce (AT) Seahunt4pl (DOT) co.uk>:
> > that's a shame, I was thinking of getting one myself.
> 128 might work....just wont be "plenty".
> > Guess I'll just have to build an old PC into a music server.
> > Guess Linux would be the way forward??
> in my experience, that's the biggest bang for the buck.
> However, I've never
> tried OSX. Teh big think linux has going for it is that you
> can strip it down
> to minimal. without a gui, the memory is free up for
> slimserver to use.

Memory really isn't an issue these days - it's so cheap, there's no excuse for
not maxing out what ever system you have.

If you're up to it, linux is indeed the way to go.

FWIW, I'm running slimserver on Fedora Core 2.