View Full Version : 7.6.0 on Linux - how to *completely* clear library?

2011-08-04, 14:00
Hi all

I'm getting duplicates in my track listing, one showing /mnt/Music/Watermark and one showing /mnt/music/Watermark (capital M). However there is only one file, confirmed by SSH to the server.

So I thought I'd clear down the library. No can do. I've tried changing the music folder to a fodler containing just ONE track, and yet all artists from my entire collection still show in the Music Library > Artists screen.

So, something is screwed. What's the safest way to clear my library and rescan? Since "clear library and rescan" clearly doesn't!

Many thanks,


2011-08-04, 14:06
Sounds like you either:
- have some playlists in the playlist folder that refers to other files
- have the iTunes integration activated under SBS Settings/Advanced/iTunes
- have the MusicIP integration activated under SBS Settings/Advanced/MusicIP and set to "Import all song data from MusicIP"

If neither of the above is the case, you can always look in "SBS Settings/Information" to find the location of the "Cache" folder, then shutdown SBS, delete the squeezebox.db and squeezebox-persistent.db files in the Cache folder and then startup SBS again.

2011-08-04, 14:13
Many thanks Erland for the instantaneous reply, were you watching me type? ;-)

You are indeed correct, as usual! Clearing the cache has solved it....

Thank you :-)


2011-08-04, 16:42
If clearing the cache solved the problem then it suggests that scanning after you changed your music folder must have failed somehow. Along with your original problem, something obviously isn't right.