View Full Version : SB stops playing

Rod Savard
2004-10-01, 08:08
A new problem developed recently. I am running a SqueezeboxG (firmware 38)
with the 5.3.0 server software. This is a wired Squeezebox, not wireless.

It will play for a while then simply stop playing. The Squeezebox display
will "freeze". Sometimes I can move around the menus a bit but usually
after a few button presses even that will stop responding.

If I restart the slimserver software, everything is OK again. Or I can
unplug the power to the Squeezebox, plug it back in, and it starts playing

I tried to enable logging but wasn't sure exactly which debugging events I
should enable. Attached is part of the log with d_slimproto events enabled.
It shows the buffer on the squeezebox running out followed by a ton of
"Usage low, not running tasks" messages and also some "Watchpup: http::idle
took too long" messages.

This problem started a couple days ago... not sure why.