View Full Version : Tempted by FLAC....

Jason Holtzapple
2004-10-01, 06:58
--- Nic Wardle <nic (AT) nwardle (DOT) freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> If I want to generate FLAC files of my music, is it best to use the EAC
> program to generate a WAV file and then convert to FLAC??

Yes, EAC is the "safest" to use, but in theory any secure ripper will do.

> Does the FLAC decoder that comes with Slimserver allow a CD to be ripped
> straight to FLAC??

Well, sort of. That program is an encoder and decoder, so you could use
it to encode flacs with the right arguments. You'd still need a CD ripper

> Should I download the FLAC program from their site (version 1.1.1 for
> Windows)?
> Would this downloaded FLAC program interfere with the FLAC decoder in
> Slimserver by overwriting any codecs??

Yes, you should use this one. It includes a friendly front-end. It shouldn't
affect your slimserver installation.