View Full Version : squeeze radio and play control

2011-08-03, 14:04

I have searched the forums and didn't find anything about this, if I have re-posted please excuse the noob.

I have a radio, duet, squeezeplay on several machines and soon to add joggler and authentic touch.

All the above was controlled via my itouch using the genuine logitech squeeze box controller (until now).

I seem to have stumbled across a shortcoming, when I connect my ipod to a device to control it I loose the plugins I have added via squeeze server (bbc iplayer etc...). I assume someone is going to tell me this is because the controller either takes control of the device using the "remote play"function on mysqueezebox.com or forces the device to disconnect from the squeeze server (a pc). Also I assume the plugins I have installed on the machines are not actually on the machines they are on the server so when it is connected to the ipod (mysqueezebox.com) they no longer see the plugins.
let me know if the above is correct (I have only had the system 3 days so I could be well off). If it is what the best work around is.

Looking forward to your experienced advice