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2011-08-03, 09:01
is there any way to record what is playing on a squeezebox unit?

2011-08-03, 09:21

Chris :)

2011-08-03, 09:33
No clues, then ... ????

2011-08-03, 09:58
You haven't exactly given a lot of clues either, so question and answer are equally vague. There are lots of options. You can record on the server (streamripper.sourceforge.net is a good free program) or record from the SB's analog or digital outputs. The real low-tech way would be to use the analog outs to a preamp and then into a cassette deck. Higher tech would be staying digital and saving on the server or via the digital output into a computer with a corresponding input.

Also note that recording of streamed audio is often a violation of the terms of service, depending on the particular service and perhaps the particular country. This applies not only in the more obvious cases such as Rhapsody or Spotify, but also to less obvious cases such as regular "radio" programming.

2011-08-03, 10:20

You're right, of course. I should've been more specific. I was looking for a digital solution. I'll check out the streamripper.

I'm aware of copyright issues.

2011-08-03, 14:54
No clues, then ... ????

Ah, clues.
You didn't ask for them, so I didn't offer any ;)
You did get a definitive answer though.

Chris :D