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Meshoulam, Arnon
2004-10-01, 05:16

Great work!!

I've noticed a few features though :)

1. If I save a bmp file, then change some settings and resave it on the
same name (server isn't running). Server dies trying to read that bmp
with the error:
2004-10-01 13:06:46.6758 Now parsing: ms sans serif.2
Out of memory during "large" request for 134221824 bytes, total sbrk()
is 296769
536 bytes at /tmp/slimdevices/slim/server/Slim/Display/Graphics.pm line

If I exit ttftosbg in between, all is fine.

2. If I select generate from selected font (in my case to get the
224-255 charset), then the default display gets corrupted.
It is noticable with "Now Playing" and "Nothing".
My 2c diagnostic is that in stock font chr(0) is a space, where as in
the selected font option, it gets pulled from the font. In my tests, MS
Sans Serif (regular), a small a is placed as chr(0), and Nothing looks
like Naoatahaianag all with the "a" a bit dropped.


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I re-worked my font convertor to the point where other
folks might actually be able to use it. Apologies up front
for the "interface." Rome may not have been built in a
day, but this sure was:

http://www.mylefteye.com/sbgfonts/TtfToSbg.zip (~210KB)


(and please send problem reports to me off-list, as per the readme)