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2011-08-01, 16:34
3rd party services are a great feature of the squeezebox range. Logitech make a big feature of these on mysqueezebox.com.

IMHO some are more equal than others - and rightly so. For example, in the internet radio arena, then surely the BBC must be rated as a world-class broadcaster with a range of services (live, listen again, podcasts) which far exceeds the offerings of most other radio providers.

In contrast, the recent addition of Orange Liveradio is curious. Yet, there has been no effort to repair the failure of Touch devices to handle the BBC opml aggregated podcast listings.

As a Beebophile I lament this omission.

2011-08-02, 00:06
Is there a bug or enhancement request for it at http://bugs.slimdevices.com ?

If there are, post the link to it in this thread and people who agree with you can vote on it.

If there aren't one registered already, feel free to register a new one, just make sure to describe exactly what you want and what isn't working to make sure Logitech solves it as you like.

2011-08-02, 00:51

I filed a bug report yesterday - Bug 17385


2011-08-02, 01:39
If you are a Beebophile, use the iPlayer plugin or applet.

2011-08-02, 01:51
Of course I use iPlayer - for live and listen again.

Other household users often hear a reference to a particular podcast and get lost looking for the listen again link.

Podcast listings are a useful quick route to a particular programme.