View Full Version : Sad day--Slim Devices SB3 just bit the dust!

2011-07-30, 15:50
Bad storm and lightning yesterday here in NJ. My SB3 will not see my ethernet (hey this unit is really old school--no wireless!). Best deal seems to be UPSing my old unit back to Logitech to get a coupon for a Touch for approx $140 including shipping. Truly a sad day--anybody have any better ideas?

2011-07-30, 16:53
Check the power supply. I've had a few Slim Devices (SLIMP3/SB2/SB3)stop working, but on swapping the PSU for another (from another device) they've been ok. If that doesn't fix it, you might be able to re-flash/re-load the firmware (can't remember if you can do this or how on a SB3 though).

I've had Slim devices of all types (except boom) since the start and none of them have failed other than the PSU's (got 14 devices now). Still got 3x SLIMP3's working fine. My point is that whilst the PSU's seem to fail a lot, the base units seem very robust. Sticking a volt-meter on the PSU will not check it properly though - it's the power load (current)which is the issue. PSU's can be purchased from independent suppliers (do not need to buy a Logitech one). Sources listed in the forums. Good luck.

2011-07-30, 17:44

2011-07-31, 05:51
Thanks for advice regarding holding down remote keys to re-activate default settings. [Same advice Logitech gave me via their phone support] Unfortunately, this did not work--ethernet still could not be detected. I guess these things just sometimes die--

2011-07-31, 06:54
Check the PSU.

2011-08-01, 15:18
As Stratmangler says - check the PSU. You are probably thinking that the PSU is ok because it is powering up but if the PSU is suspect then you'll get unpredictable behaviour from the player. I've had 4 that still power up units but which did not work correctly - but the players were ok when I changed the PSU. It's worth a go.