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2011-07-23, 05:05
Hi All.

I really need some help here . I am not computer expert and need basic understandable help please. I have had a squeeze box for some time and all I want to do is listen to BBC radio 2 real time and play my music. Music plays fine , all other radio stations play fine except BBC . Where the sound is too fast. I can stream BBC on my pc and it plays fine , It always played fine on squeeze box until about a month ago.Have reloaded squeeze box software, and Googled it but have got no where. Any help would be greatly appreciated before it goes in the skip. Thanks.

2011-07-26, 08:52

What are you using to listen to BBC? Have you tried the iPlayer plugin - that's what I use and it's excellent. Just browse to the plugins page in the settings section and enable it.