View Full Version : Spotify+Radio+Touch+ Remote Oddity

2011-07-22, 23:13
I have a touch and a radio. Both are configured to have the spotify app on their home menus, which i like.

However, in the android remote control, the spotify app appears on the home screen for the radio, but not for the touch.

I have no idea why!

It's still in "My Apps", but I expect to see it on the home menu.

Also seems to be exactly the same on the iPad remote, and in iPeng too. So I expect it's something to do with the server.

2011-07-23, 00:04
Are you using mysb.com or a locally-running Squeezebox Server (SBS)? If the latter, then the menus are customizable separately for each SB. You can look under Settings > Home Menu to see if Spotify is selected -- you have to do this separately for the Touch and the Radio.