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2011-07-22, 10:56
How do folk rate this free basic service against options that have to be paid for?

I guess this free product reduces most risks, especially for someone like me who has email and attachements scanned by www.fastmail.fm before ever I see them.

2011-07-22, 12:35
I used free AVG for a couple years, but then there was one particular version upgrade that seemed to turn it into a resource hog. So I dropped it and have been using the free version of Avast, which seems to have a much lighter footprint.

2011-07-23, 08:54
I have to agree with aubuti. I've used free AVG, paid Norton and McAfee. I find the free avast! to be a excellent product.

2011-07-24, 10:04
The last review I read in PCPro showed AVG to trap more virus's and worms than all other comparable products. It was awarded a best buy.

2011-07-24, 10:11
As a Barclays online Banker I have found I have three full subscriptions tp Kapersky - I will uses those.


2011-07-26, 19:04
I used AVG Free for years, but noticed the increased resource usage mentioned above, and also read a very persuasive article to the effect that Microsoft Security Essentials, now bundled with Windows 7 for free, is now clearly better than any of the free or pay 3rd party virus programs. Has worked very well for me since I took that advice.

2011-07-27, 01:29


If I had read that a few days ago I might not have bothered with Kapersky - but I have three free copies of that installed on laptops provided by Barclay's Bank.

(Server 7.6.0 installed this morning - and the brightness went to minimum on an SB3 - I have a Touch on the way bought new at a very good price - 175 post free.)

2011-08-01, 04:28
I spent many years of bouncing between free choices with varying luck (AVG once bricked a PC after quarantining a key Win file). About six months ago I bought Norton with multi-PC licenses and can't believe the difference.

I'm very happy with the resulting performance and capabilities. Their tech support is great and I've had far fewer problems of use that with the others, and I tried most of them. I'm not sure what I thought I was accomplishing by avoiding the ones with a license fee, the cost was very modest. Even if the renewal is more, I'll gladly pay it.

2011-08-01, 04:32
Norton? H-H-Happy with ... ?

Well, I guess you learn something new every day. :) I've steered clear of Norton products for at least the last ten years, but I suppose they had to get their act together some day. Maybe that day has come.

2011-08-01, 04:42
I used to use AVG, until a newer version seemed to slow things down. I switched to Microsoft Security Essentials, which seems fine (I never notice it doing anything, which is good for an AV product).