View Full Version : SB2 Wanted

2011-07-21, 07:05
So I fried my old SB2 by plugging the wrong wall wart into it. I'd like to replace it and have no desire for a Touch/Boom/Duet/Radio. I can find SB3/Classic on Ebay once in awhile, but I strongly dislike the taller form factor.

I'm hoping someone here has an old SB2 sitting around that they're not using or want to upgrade. Failing that, suggestions on where to look other than Ebay would be appreciated also! Thanks.

2011-07-21, 09:37
It would probably help your cause if you posted where you are.

2011-07-21, 11:57
Sure, I'm in Chicago. I assumed I would be paying for all of the shipping, so I didn't consider whether my location was relevant until someone said they would sell me one. Thanks!