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Jeff Ganson
2004-09-29, 11:32
You should be able to do this. I've found that if I'm playing a shuffled
playlist, and add an album by either holding down the add (+) button on
the remote or using the "play next" button on the Fishbone skin, the
album is added, unshuffled, immediately after the current song. When the
album is done, you then return to your shuffled playlist. Very nice.

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I tend to listen to music in one of two ways:

(1) Listen to an album (No shuffle)
(2) Listen to a genre (Shuffle by song)

If I go from (2) to (1) I invariably forget to turn off shuffle, so the
first track I hear from the album is, say, track 8. So I then have to
off shuffle, then skip back seven tracks to get to the beginning of the

Is there a way of setting up SlimServer to get around this problem?