View Full Version : Possible to convert your favourites list to a playlist?

2011-07-20, 01:18
Possible to convert favourites.opml to a playlist?

I know favourites is just meant for those "favoured few" songs..but over time my Favourites list has built up a fair bit!

Is it possible in any way to convery it to a playlist that my SB Touch can play - as a playlist and not just individual tracks?


2011-07-20, 06:12
favorites.opml is just a text file. Likewise, SBS playlists are simple text files. They are just in very different formats. So you could open up a copy of your favorites.opml in a text editor and do a series of intelligent search-and-replace operations and end up with a valid playlist file, which you could then save with an m3u extension. Then copy it over to your SBS playlists folder, do a playlist rescan, and you're in business.

2011-07-20, 08:32

But no plug-ins or utilities to do it automatically?
(Just to save a bit of time if possible)


2011-07-20, 08:42
But no plug-ins or utilities to do it automatically?
None that I am aware of, but it seems like it would be pretty easy for someone with knowledge of a scripting language such as perl. According to this thread (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=48734), it looks like a function to do the reverse conversion (m3u to opml) existed in SBS, or whatever it was called three years ago. It may still exist, I don't know.

2011-07-21, 01:59
thanks very much, appreciated.

Lee Binder
2012-06-09, 01:53
I second this. Any news in the meantime?

2012-06-09, 12:12
If you've only got a few favourites, you could add them all one-by-one to the currently playing list of tracks, then save the resulting list as a playlist. If you've got iPeng, there's a convenient option to 'Play all' when you're viewing your favourites. This would get them all into the currently playing list in one go, and then saving them as a playlist is only a couple more clicks.

2012-06-11, 00:27

I had this issue & since Winamp is one of the players I use from time to time, I searched on the Winamp site for a plugin - they have something that allows you to create a playlist, as normal, and then export that as a saved m3u file to any "external" player. The plugin creates a "file" item - "save playlist complete" which transferres the list, or exports to anything. I actually use it, in conjunction with MusicIP which creates the playlists - I then see that in Winamp & use the "save playlist complete" to transfer that to a Rockboxed iPod, and save it to my Playlists folder so that the Squeezeserver can see it.

Sounds much more complicated than it really is - in all, creation of a new playlist & saving/transferring takes no more tha a couple of minutes!

Hope that helps!