View Full Version : 7.6 and MusicIP: empty mixes?

2011-07-19, 18:08
Well, I decided I'd try 7.6 yet again.
Having learned from the last attempt, I uninstalled the previous version, made sure all caches, conf files, etc. were removed, then installed 7.6.

Scanning was... a bit balky. the first time the scanner found only around half the files (25K of 70K). Scanning again "find new" found the rest of the files.

The 'M' mixer icon shows next to tracks, but when I click an 'M' I get an empty MusicIP list.
MusicIP was working just fine with 7.5 (and 7.4, etc on down.

Any ideas?

if you're using 7.6 and musicIP is working 'just fine', even if you have no idea what my issue might be, could you please let me know what build you are using? I tried the most recent, and a few days back - but it might be something that's temporarily broken. Thanks!