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2011-07-19, 12:28
During a recent flooding of my basement my +1,000 LPs and CDs were damaged by water :-(

I now need to file a claim with the insurance and need a list of all titles.

I have ripped most of my music to FLAC so I can use it with Squeezebox.

Is there a clever way whereby I can export a text/excel file from squeezebox listing all album titles?

2011-07-19, 13:11

2011-07-19, 14:13
They want you to list all your CD and LP titles on the claim?! I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that the strategy of wearing down the claimant is practiced by insurance companies around the world, but really....

Sorry to hear about the flooding.

2011-07-19, 14:50
DOS prompt (assume you are using windows), navigate to the root of your music collection (i.e. d:\music\albums)

type dir *.> collection.txt /b /s

Creates a text file with the list of albums, again assuming you have them in folders with the album name as the folder name. If not then use one of the other suggestions.

Hope it helps, sorry to hear about the flood.


May need a bit of editing, but beats typing it all out by hand.

2011-07-20, 01:53
I use Album Catalog Creator.

thread:- http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=74452
website:- http://acc.vanholt.nl/

It is more structured than a flat text file but provides a 'pretty' output.
It takes a while (but less than an hour) to run on my 30,000 tracks.
I then print as a .pdf (using CutePdf) and keep that on my phone as a reference (to stop buying duplicates of back catalogue stuff)

I made Frank a donation as he was very responsive to a small bug I found.

2011-07-20, 02:07
The "Database Query" plugin might also be an option if you want a simple text file.

2011-07-20, 05:51
...or use MP3Tag and it's export list function...

2011-07-20, 07:16
I guess I shouldn't really be surprised that the strategy of wearing down the claimant is practiced by insurance companies around the world, but really....
Here in the US, the way to reduce this is to buy insurance through an independent agent as they have more clout to go to bat for you if you need to place a claim.
Is there such a thing in Denmark?

Sorry about the flood. I hope you get everything back together without too much trouble...

2011-07-21, 15:16
Thanks everybody for all the good suggestions. I have now been able to pull the list of my ripped CDs. The LPs I'll have to do manually, I'm afraid.

Now comes the harder part: negotiations with the insurance.

@bobkoure: Not sure if such a thing exists in Denmark for private insurance. Not a common thing for sure. A private agent helps me with my (company paid) pension, though.

2011-07-22, 02:56
Could you be so kind as to say what method you used? Although I don't have your regretable situation, it would be nice to know how you managed your results.


2011-07-22, 06:02

I had a look at DigitalMitch's suggestion 'Catalog Creator' at http://acc.vanholt.nl/. I think this is a very cool solution as it lets you build a nice looking catalogue with images etc.

However, for export purposes it comes in pdf and I need to be able to edit my catalogue as not all my FLAC files originate from my CDs (some were digital downloads).

In the end, I therefore did the following:

In Squeezeserver Settings > Interface I set 'Items per page' to 500 (max).

Then, in Squeezeserver, I chose Album view, text only. That gave me a list of the first 500 titles in my collection listed like this "A Certain Trigger (2005) by Max´mo Park". I then simply copy-pasted all the titles into an Excel sheet.

Not as elegant as some of the other suggestions, but it works for my sad purpose and it was pretty easy. I should probably have thought of it sooner.