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Robert Moritz
2004-09-29, 07:49
Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I need someone in the U.S. Thanks very
much for contacting me though. Good luck with your Squeezebox! Robert


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Dear Robert,

I'm an italian Squeezebox user.

I'm a "normal" not hypertechno freak user that love music.

I've created a huge library of music (more than 20.000 songs) and I enjoy it
with my Squeezebox.

I'm available for the interview.


Raffaele Forgione

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Hello, I am a journalist writing an article for a national magazine about
building a better home entertainment center. Iím looking to interview some
Squeezebox users about their experiences with it. Itís an article geared
towards families and older folk so Iím looking for regular non-techie people
who like the entertainment options it provides. Please contact me if you or
anybody you know fits this description and would like to talk. Thanks,
Robert Moritz

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Robert Moritz

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