View Full Version : Pylon and spidifconvert?

2011-07-15, 14:27
I'm so close to ripping my multichannel Porcupine Tree (Inabsentia) disc! I read that wiki and the long thread. I believe I found the first track and ripped it to a .dts file on my desktop. Now I'm stuck converting it to Flac. I first dl the Spidfconvert then Pylon 2.3.5. Now I'm lost! When I click on The Spidfconvert it pops up with a black box for less than a second and then goes away. I'm not sure what to do next.

It is an amazing guide (by the way) ...unfortunately, I am simply too dim!

2011-07-15, 18:36
Yay! Man, figured it out...at least the first tune. Sounds amazing...rcvr auto switched to dts. 5 channels of porcupine tree...yay!