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2004-05-28, 13:57

This was reported on the discuss list:

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Subject: Re: [slim] Need Help moving to Nightly Build on WinXP Pro

> > 5. I had some problem with the Softsqueeze Java Web Start stuff - I
> > loaded the webstart.html and I believe I clicked on the correct place
> > in item 2, but it failed for some reason
> If you click on Install the Java Web Start gives the following error:
> Java Web Start - Invalid Argument error
> Unable to launch the specified application.
> Clicking on details gives:
> An error occurred while launching/running the application.
> Category: Invalid Argument error
> Could not load file/URL specified: C:\Documents and
> Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary Internet
> Files\Content.IE5\UNEZUHUF\softsqueeze[1].jnlp
> I note for reference that the directory does not contain any jnlp files.

I have tracked this problem down to a problem with the HTTP cache headers
returned from the slimserver. Most content, including the jnlp file, is
returned with an Expires header on 1st Jan 1970. Some versions of IE
download the jnlp file, delete the file since the content has expired, and
then launches the Java Web Start helper application. That's not particularly
useful and explains why JWS cannot find the jnlp file.

Attached is a patch that changes which content is cached by the web browser.
Previously any url matching /image/ was cached for one year. The patch will
make cover art, favicon.ico and any content in html/ cacheable.

I am not sure of the impact when changing skins, this seems to work but
could someone who understands this in more detail please review the patch.