View Full Version : Using Radio without starting S server?

2011-07-14, 15:11
Is it possible to access radio through the Squeezebox (in this case a Boom) via the wifi without turning on the computer and thereby also not starting the squeezebox server)? I'm most thankful for help and suggestions!

2011-07-14, 15:21
Yes, although if the server is not running then the internet radio stream has to be in a format that the Boom can handle. MP3 and WMA work fine, but I don't think AAC does.

If you encounter a station that streams AAC, you should check to see if they also have an MP3 or WMA stream. And if they don't, contact them to suggest that they are losing listeners if they go AAC-only.

2011-07-15, 05:59
Thank you for the kind and prompt reply. I'm happy that this is possible, but I wonder how I can connect to these radio stations without the server running. With my computer not turned on, I seem unable to connect to anything at all...

2011-07-15, 06:45
You need to connect to mysqueezebox.com. On the SB Radio you can do that via Settings > Advanced > Networking > Switch to mysqueezebox.com. Why it is buried that deep is a mystery to me. If this is something you think you'll be doing often, then you can put that option on the Radio's home menu (via Settings > Home Menu).

In short, Squeezeboxes always have to connect to a server. That server could be the Squeezebox Server running on your pc, or it could be the server at mysqueezebox.com (the server in the cloud).

2011-07-15, 09:40
As suggested, definitely add the "switch to MySB.com" item to your Home Menu if you plan on switching between SBS server and MySB.com.

However, even absent that specific menu item, if there is no local SBS server running then your player should automatically offer a switch to MySB.com when you select Internet Radio or App Gallery or My Apps. If the player does not offer such a switch there may be something else wrong with your network or settings. Possibly your router is blocking ports or a DNS issue.

I assume your Boom is connecting to a router and not your computer? Some use their computer as a wireless access point for WiFi devices.
Obviously this won't work if your computer is turned off. ;)

2011-07-15, 13:59
Many thanks. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. I do have a separate wireless router to which the Squeezebox should be able to connect without the computer and I'll try to add the MySB.com to my favorites. Hopefully, this works!