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2011-07-11, 07:53

I can't seem to avoid getting huge amounts of unwanted playlists.
When I scan my hard drive, I end up with about 700 playlists.

I want to be able to just have playlists that I have made.

Can anyone give me some advise please?



2011-07-11, 08:01
Can you identify what those playlists are from? Some particular files, for instance.

One possibility is CUE sheet files stored in the audio library directory. You can exclude them from a scan by going to Settings > Advanced > File Types and entering 'cue' into 'Disabled Audio File Extensions'. You might also need to enter it in 'Disabled Playlist File Extensions'. If you don't use CUE sheets at all with SBS, then it's safe to enter it in both places.

Another possibility is if your CD ripping software automatically generates m3u playlist files for each album. If you don't use them then you can either delete all of these files from the audio directory or, as above, enter 'm3u' in 'Disabled Audio File Extensions'. You wouldn't want to enter it in 'Disabled Playlist File Extensions' because this is the file extension used by SBS for its playlists.

2011-07-12, 06:34
I deleted all .mu3 & .cue from my hard drive,rescanned & now have no problem.
Playlists are now blank, & I can create my own.


2011-07-12, 08:25
Did you have "playlists" that were basically track listings from CDs you had ripped (one of the possibilities suggested by JJZolx)? If so, then you'll also want to check your ripping software to see if you need to change a setting. Otherwise you may start accumulating more of those unwanted m3u playlists as you rip more CDs.

2011-07-12, 10:01
The disabled audio file extensions setting really does work. I use it myself since I keep CUE sheets for albums in each album folder.