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2011-07-10, 20:23
Hi Folks,

I'm a new squeezebox user, and I installed the server on a Thecus N4100pro, and it is so slow that it is unusable. Are people experiencing a similar issue? I installed sshd on this device and when I run a top command, doing ANYTHING with the squeezebox server, it pegs the CPU. Have people experienced similar things?

2011-07-10, 22:04
People have certainly experienced unusable servers when SBS is run on a very slow NAS. I don't know about that particular model, though.

2011-07-15, 21:27
I'm thinking about running SBS on a separate PC that is my wife's old desktop. My guess is that it will be powerful enough to run the server.

2011-07-21, 15:20
I was curious as I've got a thecus nas box too (5200pro), and it's been (touch wood) really reliable doing all sorts of duties including serving out our music. Yours sounded like a newer model but I think you're right it may be underpowered, I did a quick search to see what spec the cpu and memory were: "Powered by the AMD Geode™ LX800 processor and 256MB of DDR400 memory". I upgraded my ram to 1gb and also risked changing the cpu which resulted in snappier performance all round. I think you're right to explore other options - lots of discussion on this on the board with all sorts of clever solutions.

On the 100% cpu front, I have experienced that issue before however. Usually after installing the squeezeboxserver module - might be linked to it (automatically?) kicking off a full scan, not sure. Whenever I upgrade s/w versions now I always end up disabling/rebooting/re-enabling. On the (rare) other occasions where I've experienced 100% I've rebooted to sort it out. Hard to tell, but I don't think I've had any problems like this in the last couple of versions.

All the best

2011-08-07, 07:24
Hi Sparkle,

My NAS is slow, even when I'm only trying to play, with no scan occurring. I think that a RAM upgrade might help. I also think it may be the limitation of the processor in the NAS. I think that the 5200 has the kind of better processor that you should be fine. Good luck.