View Full Version : Rebuffering Problem - Squeezebox Classic

2011-07-10, 17:40

I have a Squeezebox Classic (Firmware 133) and a Squeezebox Boom running on SBS Version: 7.5.4 - r32171. The hardware is an old Dell PC running Ubuntu server.

Recently the Classic has started rebuffering when playing flac files every 10 seconds or so.

The Boom is fine. Both have 80% network.

Any ideas?

2011-07-11, 09:50
... and today it seems better. Strange.

2011-07-11, 10:27
I'd say the most likely cause is wifi interference. It could be a neighbor's new router, or old router switched to a different channel that collides with yours. Or cordless phones, or a baby monitor, or microwave oven. Any of those could easily interfere with one of your wifi devices (eg, the SB3/Classic) and not the other (eg, the Boom). The "80% network" is an average figure that often doesn't capture interference.

2011-07-11, 13:22
Run (free) "inssider 2" on your PC to check what's going on in WiFi space in your area:

The "2.4GHz Channels" display is best for establishing whether you've got interference:
http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/3161/neighbournetworks.th.png (http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/3161/neighbournetworks.png)

2011-09-25, 15:53
Sorry for not repling sooner. Neighbours went away the other week and everything got better. As it's a night-time problem I'm blaming their baby listeners :) Doesn't help that my SB Classic is right up against next doors wall I guess.

I think the issue was limited to FLAC files, probably just due to their size (more bandwith required, more chance of WiFi-related hassle). Thinking about it, YouTube vids used to hang in the same room on my old laptop as well. Could be related.

Still, the WiFi tool was interesting and my router runs Tomato, so I was able to boost the power (but not too much), which I believe has helped.