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2004-09-28, 12:05
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> Subject: [slim] Scan on another computer?
> Here's a thought for the new SQL database: Would it
> be possible to have a separate program whose only
> function is to perform the library scan? That way,
> people with lower-powered servers could perform their
> scans with a faster machine on the local network,
> thereby eliminating the wait to play music during the
> process.
> Of course, this assumes that the server and scanning
> software are designed so that the former can continue
> streaming music while the latter rewrites the
> database.

This would only be possible if the audio-streaming and database-browsing parts
of slimserver were separated into different programs and a secure protocol used
to communicate between processes.

Personally, I think this would be worth doing and would solve some of the
problems with dropouts caused by the db scan taking too much cpu.

Does anyone on the dev list know how feasible this would be?