View Full Version : Spotify on an S/B Classic

2011-07-09, 08:52
Is there a way to get it to stream? I've installed the third party plugin that I found but so far all I get is "There was an error loading the remote feed for : (Timed out waiting for data)"

2011-07-10, 11:04
I am curious as well.

And does the official Spotify app support the Classic? Of course not officially since the classic is not in the Logitech program but does it work anyway or do I have to upgrade to a Touch?

2011-07-10, 11:15
Please post on the 3rd party plugin forum in the thread about the Spotify plugin. Please include details of any messages in the server log and check that your firewall on the server machine allows the spotifyd.exe helper application accept incomming connections (this is the usual problem).

The official logitech Spotify support can't support older players as it is built into the firmware of the players.

2011-07-12, 00:50
I got it working -- everything is fine. You need to follow the instructions on this thread:


And remember to configure the plugin with your spotify user name and password.