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2011-07-09, 08:38
Hello all. I recently purchased my first 24 bit 96kHz files from HD Tracks. The files won't play on my SB3 without constantly rebuffering. There are obviously a host of places the problem could be, but I'm trying to learn here. A few details: SC 7.5.4 running on a Guruplug. Wireless strength around 75%. Song info reads: 2699 VBR (Converted to 705 kbps FLAC) 96khZ 24 bit

This is my first time trying to look at various logs since the olden days and SC7 has me completely confused. Where did they move the network health stuff?

In any case, still trying to figure out if it's the network or the Guruplug or the file or something else. I would be obliged if someone could answer the question, but also would appreciate pointers to a current statement of network health logging under SC7. Thanks to all, as always.

2011-07-09, 09:35
My first thought would be ... is the CPU in the Guruplug powerful enough to transcode 24/96 material to FLAC fast enough ?

SB3s do not support 24/96 natively so any 24/96 material has to be transcoded to 16/48 FLAC by the server before sending it to the SB3.
This takes a reasonable bit of CPU power and I am wondering whether the Guruplug's CPU is up to the job.
I have no experience with Guruplugs, so I could be on the wrong track here.

If you have access to a SB Touch (which does natively support 24/96) you could see if that can play OK.

Alternatively, if you have a fairly decent PC (2Ghz processor or above), you could install Squeezeserver on that and see if the SB3 can play OK when connected to that.
If it does, it would indicate the problem is with the Guruplug.

2011-07-09, 09:37
I don't believe the SB3 supports 24/96 files. I suspect you can either Google or search this forum for confirmation...

Sorry....I think you'll have to purchase a Touch to play true 24/88.1/96 files..

2011-07-09, 10:19
Thanks GlenL: that was actually my first suspicion. The Guruplug is clearly slower at a number of processor-intensive tasks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't the network, though, which is how I got ensnared in trying to find the old network health page.

2011-07-09, 10:43
I had two non-capable HiRez players: an SB2 @90% signal strength; and a SB3 @ 60% strength. I can play synched 24/96 down-converted to 24/44.1 no problem - if I take the SB2 out, then it gets down converted to 24/48 as expected. This was with an OLD PC XP SP3 2.4GHz 1GB Ram and LinkSys SRX400 G Router.

SO... I suspect the GuruPlug as well.

2011-07-09, 12:45
yes SB3 palys 24/48 so everythimg higher is transcoded to 24/48 by SOX but it needs an x86 cpu with good fpu to work, the plug computers has armm cpu, not fast enough.

however use dbpowermp or foobar etc and create 24/48 copies to play.