View Full Version : Slim Devices SB Classic v3 For Sale

2011-07-06, 06:41
I have a Slim Devices branded Squeezebox Classic v3, and I wanted to see if any one on here would be interested in buying it before I list it on eBay. It is an all black model in very good condition (some mild haze and scratches on the display from dusting) and perfect working condition. I've replaced the original remote after it started acting up with a new Touch remote that I purchased directly from Logitech. It also includes the mini-wall wart. Market for these items appears to be in the $150 range based on the selling prices I've seen on Audiogon and eBay. I will also include a brand new Touch power supply, also purchased directly from Logitech, for an additional $20. I am located in Chicago. Buyer pays UPS shipping, and I'll only ship to the continental USA. Payment via Paypal only. PM me if you are interested. I can also supply you with my eBay name so you can read my feedback, and pictures if you desire. The reason I'm selling this SB3 is I've replaced it with a Touch (due to the higher WAF "Wife Acceptance Factor"). Thanks!

2011-07-07, 07:03
This item has been sold. Thanks to all that responded.

I do still have the power supply available if anyone is interested.