View Full Version : SqueezeBox 2 reporting wrong IP address

2011-07-04, 19:07
Does anyone know how the SB2 figures out its IP address (displayed in the Player Information area)?

I have the SB2 getting an IP address via DHCP, which is working fine -- I can see the relevant lease in my router's embedded DHCP server, I can ping that IP address, and the SB2 works just fine.

However, the IP address that the player reports is totally wrong -- it winds up showing the IP of my router. This is not causing any grief that I know of, except that I've been unable to get the iOS controller app working, and I suspect this problem to be related.

Anyone have ideas on what might be wrong? Why does my SB2 think its IP address is something crazy, when it's got a perfectly good one from DHCP that lets it play music?

This could easily be something I've mis-configured in my router, but I don't really know where to start looking.

2011-07-04, 19:09
One more related symptom: when configuring the networking in my SB2, it detects a server on my network, but this too has the wrong IP address (also, the IP of my router). In order to actually talk to the server, I have to manually enter an IP.

I should also mention that there's nothing exotic going on on my network -- all one subnet, only a handful of machines.

2011-07-04, 21:41
if yuo check it's mac adress does it correspond to whats on it's sticker ?

2011-07-05, 15:47
Yes: the MAC address I see as a dhcp client is the same as the one printed on the device.