View Full Version : Squeezebox server 7.5.4 crashing daily

2011-07-04, 10:14
Hi guys,

It seems like I have to restart the SB software every day on my computer. I have 3 duets and a Touch and the controller freezes when I try to listen to music. On my computer, I cannot open web control either. Restarting SBS does the trick, but it is a pain to do it every day. I am using Windows 7 and have enabled the appropriate ports in the Firewall. I didn't have these issues before I switched to a new windows 7 machine...I am also using reserved IP addresses on my router

Any advice,


2011-07-08, 14:57
Sorry about that -

I hate to say that SBS version works flawlwssly in Ubuntu Linux .. check your firewall, and the memory -- it sounds like it works, but runs out of steam .. wish I cld be more hep

2011-07-09, 04:15
Search "Win7" in these forums. There are a number of known issues and some workarounds.
When this does happen try SBS > Control Panel > Diagnostics, see what is reported for ALL pings, ports, IP's.
This might help to begin diagnosing where the Win7 is blocking these ports and IP's.

2011-07-09, 10:51
Is the silly machine going to sleep/hibernating/spinning down the drives? Make sure you have 'wake-on-LAN' enabled.