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Philip Bouscarle
2004-09-28, 03:38
Thanks for the feedback but what should I do next? The first log tells
me to contact support@slim, and it seems to be pointing up the problem
"Here's the problem. /PerlApp/Slim/Hardware/IR.pm, line 247:" Should I
uninstall and reinstall Slimserver as a first move?

As to CPU usage I am not sure and I am not in front of the machine at
the moment, though I will have a look in a couple of hours. If I try to
play the problem songs and hit pause, then go to play another song from
a non-problematic album, it starts up fine.

I have also sent another chunk of logfile from a bit earlier (note the
date/time are correct on this one!) I apologise for the format - I
emailed it from my house to my office and saved it incorrectly.

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Quoting Philip Bouscarle <pbouscarle (AT) interbar (DOT) co.uk>:

> Here are a couple of chunks of log file with d_source turned on.
> Certainly looks like there is some sort of problem!

well, the first log seems to show a missing client, IRmap or mode info.
However, that doesn't seem to fit with your problem. The second isn't
very revealing of anything. What I was thinking of was the command
construction, and the start of playback. you would see things liek
"using command" and bitrate/maxrate info. This will show errors on
starting playback of files, and for skipping certain files.

When it hangs, check on your CPU usage, and see if slimserver is taking
an abnormal amount. Does it hang permanently? Are you able to recover,
or does it mean a restart of the server?