View Full Version : Enabling iPeng Playback at discounted rate

2011-06-29, 06:29
I have iPeng on my iPhone and my iPad. I wanted to upgrade to Playback at the discounted rate. I read and thought I understood the instructions, so I purchased Playback on my iPad and then tried to do a Restore Purchases to enable it on my iPhone. That didn't work. In re-reading the instructions, it looks like you actually have to install the iPhone app on the iPad and then purchase the Playback upgrade. Since I screwed up, I guess I am out the $4.99 upgrade price instead of only 99 cents. That's OK since I didn't read carefully enough. However, how do I now upgrade my iPhone without now paying an addition 99 cents?

2011-06-29, 07:22
You've got mail.

2011-06-29, 11:57
Thanks! Very fair resolution.