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Stefan Christiansson
2004-09-28, 02:53
Hi Andy,

This is one of the things I'm doing to the skin right now.

I decided to change the start-page and menu to flash so that will resolve
the scaling issue.

I'm also working on cleaning up the status-page to avoid overflowing screens
with smaller resolution.

I'm currently also working on the new Clarity skin and trying to change the
behavior of scrolling through the library.

If I get this to work successfully I will implement the same functionality
in touch to allow for easier navigation on 800x600 resolution.
This will however take a bit longer than the other changes.




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I dont know if this is a hard thing to do but it would be nice if the icons
rescaled for different screen resolutions, I really like the Touch interface
but my screen is only 800x600 and the big icons mean a lot of scroll bar use
which hard to use as the scroll bar is so small...




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Subject: [slim] Touch Modifications


I'm working on some modifications to the Touch interface.

There haven't been any updates to it for a really long time and I'm sorry
for that.

I have changed the menu on top to text-based instead of icons as I
understand this was preferred and also done some other tweaks to make it
look better.

What I'm trying to do now is have a fixed number of items on every page when
browsing music.

I want to avoid the use of the scrollbar since this isn't very attractive on
a touch-screen but changing the number of items in the settings won't work
if there are a lot of items starting with the same letter. My music library
consists of about 60 artists starting with 'A' and I can't get this divided
on 2 pages with 30 artists on each. Does anybody know how to do this? Either
by having multiple 'A's on the pagebar or any other solution that you can
think of.


Stefan Christiansson