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Philip Bouscarle
2004-09-28, 01:39
Thanks - I'll go home at lunchtime and run it.

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Quoting Philip Bouscarle <pbouscarle (AT) interbar (DOT) co.uk>:

> My setup works fine except for the fact that one album will not play.
> It is in the same folder as the rest of my music (itunes), plays fine
> on my PC and Ipod, is seen by the Squeezebox, but when I hit play it
> just hangs. Please see attached log file.(I was not sure which logging

> should be turned on for this problem.) I have stripped out sections of

> repeated text to keep file size below 40k.
> The album is saved as AAC, system is graphic SB, win XP pro SP1,
> firmware 38, slimserver 5.3.0.
> If you need additional logging, please let me know which bits to turn
> on.
> Philip

try d_source then play one of the bad songs. it might be due to the
server having some problem reading those songs, whether its permissions,
or some data about the song itself like duration being read in as zero.