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2011-06-21, 17:37
I've had an SB3 upstairs, and a duet downstairs for a few years. I recently added a Boom to the mix, and I've run into some sync questions. All the devices are always playing the same music, but the Boom moves from kitchen to patio and back again, so I have to unplug it and plug it in again. I do switch back and forth between SBS and My Squeezebox.

First question: Is there a way to pre-set the devices up so that they are always synced with each other, and I can use the Controller to run them all?

Second question: I'm sometimes getting the echo effect,where one device is playing a second or so behind the other. I've read through some old posts on the issue,but what's the current wisdom on how to prevent/troubleshoot this?


2011-06-22, 03:34
Each server should remember which players were Synced without having to re-Sync them, in your case ALL players. Once Synced they are always Synced until you un-Sync them.

Ex: All players Synced on MySB.com, switch all players to SBS, SBS should Sync them the moment each player connects. Same with going from SBS to MySB.com.

If your echo/delay is consistently on one player when using SBS you can adjust the audio delay per player within SBS > Settings.
If this is happening when connected to MySB.com there really isn't much you can do about it because MySB.com is really not a true "Sync", it is just a shared stream.
You can lessen the affect of the audio drift of MySB.com by pressing FFWD every now and then on a player, but they will drift again over time.
Best to use only SBS for better and more accurate Sync. ;)

2011-06-22, 19:11
Follow up:
Do I need to sync the devices through the devices themselves, or through the web UI, or can it be done both ways?
Does Pandora run through SBS or through My Squeezebox?

2011-06-22, 19:16
You can sync the players either through the web ui or on the player menus themselves.

You can connect to Pandora either via SBS or mysb.com. If it's via SBS then I think it does a connection in the background to mysb.com to check your Pandora account credentials, but that's it.