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Nic Wardle
2004-09-28, 00:57
Thanks to everyone for their replies!!
I guess it may be down to the way iTUNES rips the MP3s then. It isn't a huge deal as the gaps are only just audible but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something!

As far as my other question goes (the one about playlist radio station problems) I was reading through the "fix" list for the latest server/firmware and read somewhere in there that importing itunes radio station playlists was now fixed. I take it that was what I was asking about?

Thanks again for everyones help on here, it is really appreciated!


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> Some hardware vendors have done some things to get "gapless" playback
> out of
> MP3, but as far as I know Slim Devices is not one of them.

That is not true - we play them as gaplessly as possible (short of
second-guessing what your track transitions are supposed to sound

You can test this yourself. Take a mp3 file and split it into tiny
chunks, then play the chunks in a playlist. It will play without gaps.

Any gaps you hear in playback are due to the ripping/encoding process.
It is very difficult to rip mp3s with no gaps - I don't know of any
software that does it reliably. Probably the only way to do it (except
using cue files) would be to rip it as one big mp3, and then split it
apart at frame boundaries.

There is some good information about this issue in the lame FAQ:



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