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Christopher Jacob
2004-09-27, 16:51
I hate to say it but... wait for the SQL stuff.

This and many other features will be trivial once a good SQL base is setup.


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That's pretty much the same thing I want to do.
The rest of the family doesn't seem to like Merzbow as much as I do. :-)

After thinking about it some more, it seems like there needs to be a way to
specify music subsets which are defined by a series of filter (ie create a
Kids subset that
would only contain stuff where Artist=Raffi or Genre=Videogame etc). Then
there would
be a way from the Squeezebox UI to select a subset to use and then drill
down through those
using the standard UI.

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On Saturday 25 September 2004 05:02 pm, Jonathan Miller wrote:
> I don't think two instances of slimserver can run concurrently. I
> imagine you might try two seperate playlists for your two rooms.
> my experience I've had multiple players, be they actual Slims, or
> through iTunes, or XMMS, and played different songs on each player
> the same time.
> On Sat, 25 Sep 2004 15:25:48 -0400, Andy Marks
<andrew.marks (AT) wise (DOT) com>
> > Prospective Squeezebox owner question here:
> >
> > Is it possible to have different sets of music available to
> > Squeezeboxes using the same server? I have quite a large
collection of
> > music (~950 albums) and I can see where I might want to get 2
> > Squeezeboxes (for 2 different rooms in my house) where only a
> > subset of my collection would need to be available for one room.
> >
> > Now that I think about it, can multiple instances of the server
be run on
> > the same machine? If so that might be one solution.

I was going to try this before posting about it, but I saw your post
first, so
I will add my request here. If someone thinks it is useful, I will
put it in
the bugtracker.

I have one SB, soon to be an SBG, and an original box as well. I
was thinking
it would be nice to give the boys (6 and 4) the remote for their
room, but
using a different server running with a different music subset
(something a
litlte bit more age-appropriate than all of our collection, you

I also have a request in from the wife to have a web interface which
shows the music which we want to see at the moment. I have
different collections of music, which transcends genre or playlist.

My first thoughts were to create a mirror of the children's music,
and have a
separate slimserver running against that config file, with that set
of music.

Here is what happened:

--prefsfile /etc/slimp3-kids.pref --playeraddr
--httpaddr --cliaddr --logfile

but it didn't start, with the following error in
/var/log/slim-kids.log ...
2004-09-27 02:35:02.7703 Problem: There is already another copy of
SlimServer running on this machine. (Address already in use)

a grep through the code points to

Slim/Networking/Protocol.pm:83: msg("Problem: There is
already another
copy of the SlimServer running on this machine. ($!)\n");

and that is in the UDP port binding code.
I lokoed at the output of "netstat -ln", and realized that the
server binds
itself to by default. I changed the command line for
my default
server to be binding to the eth0 IP addy, and then ran the new one
on eth0:0.

Oops, the server is still listening on,

I had to hack on
and change line 27 from




start the server, then change the file to


and then start the server again. Now lsof does show UDP and TCP
on two different IP addresses. I was confused as to how
--playeraddr works,
I guess. I tried putting

my $SLIMPROTO_ADDR = $localClientNetAddr;

but got a perl error, so that's not good.

This should really be architected into the system, and not hacked in
like I
just did. I think this might work, the servers are at least both

There are a few variables which could be all updated based upon one
variable ($collection_name, $collection_iface?), and then the
variables I messed with would get built from there.