View Full Version : Remote options for original SLIMP3

2011-06-17, 19:21
I have an original SLIMP3, and I'd like to get a remote control for it.

It came with (I think) a Sony remote.

Will any of the newer Squeezebox remotes work for me? I'd especially like to use one of smaller radio or boombox type remotes, as this would fit nicely in my pocket. I use the device while at work and it would be nice to always have the remote with me as I move around in the shop.

But if that won't work, I'd be happy to find any remote that has the nice buttons that my wife could understand. She never uses it enough that the Sony remote made any sense.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

2011-06-17, 20:14
You should be able to use JVC DVD remote codes with a universal remote to control the SLIMP3.

Forgot to mention that a newer remote should work fine. I use a Squeezebox 3 remote with my SLIMP3 and it works. I don't have a Radio remote but I imagine that would work as well.