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2011-06-15, 12:45
I want to listen to this station.


It's stream is provided through http://www.streamtheworld.com/

Anyone have any experience, tips, for getting this stream to play on my players.


2011-06-16, 13:59
It is already in the SqueezeBox station list. But it's an AAC stream so it depends which player or server you are connecting to.
Touch/Radio will play from SBS server and/or MySB.com
SB1/2/3/Classic, Duet, Boom will play from SBS only.

Player > Internet Radio > World > Find City > North America > US > California > San Fran > All Stations > 95.7

Or just enter a San Fran zip as your location and it will be listed under your locals.

2011-06-19, 12:16
I couldn't find it in my lists. That's why I posted the questions.

I'm happy to report that I opened a ticket at Entercom's support site. It took 5 days but they did respond and provided me with two links, one mp3 and the other ACC.

MP3: http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/pls/KBWFFM.pls

ACC: http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/pls/KBWFFMAAC.pls

If I can't play it on my Squeezebox then it doesn't get played. I have players everyplace I hang out around the house.

Happy Camper!

2011-06-19, 12:23
Thanks Toby10.

I followed your path and it was in the list. I tried to shortcut it by using local, sports, and talk and it wasn't in any of those paths.